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No Deposit Age of the Gods slots

  • Play progressive jackpot game for FREE at Ladbrokes Casino
  • 10 free spins - no deposit necessary!
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Greek mythology is one of the most popular themes for an online slot game. And with good reason; legendary treasures, fearsome monsters and the might of the gods… let’s not forget the riches that are bestowed upon the champions.

Age of the Gods slots draws from the myths and tales of Greece, creating a vibrant and wondrous world; in the background of the slot, we see the beginnings of a sprawling mountain and a pristine temple. Playtech’s reimagining of mount Olympus can only be described as epic.

Like most modern slots, this features 5 reels and 20 paylines; but unlike most modern slots, the gods have decided to vacate their olympus home to star as symbols on the reels. All the major greek god stars are here like Zeus, Hercules and Poseidon.

As far as Playtech slot game go, this has been blessed with unearthly features: step aside Theseus… we’re going to get us some free spins! 

10 Free Spins at Ladbrokes

With any new slot game, it’s always wise to give the game a try in freeplay mode; not only will you get familiar with the slots features, you can also judge whether you like the feel of the game. To try Age of the Gods for free, you can head over to Ladbrokes casino and simply click the free play button; there’s no need to sign up and no strings attached. 

If you enjoy the game and feel like trying your hand for one of those lucrative progressives, then you can play for real with 10 free spins. All you need is 30 seconds to create an account… and boom; free spins for you to play!

Level of Difficulty For Beginners

For a progressive jackpot game, Age of the Gods is remarkably easy to master. The familiar format of 5 reels and 20 lines is perfect for a beginner player, but even veterans will find excitement in the numerous bonus features. 

If this is your first ever progressive jackpot slot, you are in for a treat.

While scrolling through the paytable may seem a little daunting at first, the bonus rounds are easy to learn and more importantly, have the potential to be extremely profitable. Progressive slots could be accused of hiding the jackpot behind confusing mechanics but this isn’t the case here - it’s pretty simple actually. The more you bet, the higher your chances!

If you need to warm up before committing to your free spins, there is always the freeplay mode and an in depth play guide in the slot. Simply click on the info button and you will find 9 pages of useful information. You can also scroll down and read our full breakdown of the bonus features.

Music, Sound Effects and Graphics

Make no mistake, this isn’t an 8 bit sound sample from an old school Atari game; this is a rich soundtrack that soars all the way to olympus; the hairs on your neck will be thoroughly raised. But that is nothing compared to the satisfying spin button. Click the button and a mighty gong will sound, followed by the furious spinning of reels.

In the graphical department, Age of the Gods opts for an illustrated style - which triumphs over most Novomatic games but just falls short of the NetEnt standards. If you take a moment to appreciate the detail of the gods in particular, it is truly startling. Zeus looks like he could fly off the reels at any moment and Hercules looks decidedly badass.

Okay, so it might not win slot design of the year award despite the lovingly illustrated characters. But that soundtrack deserves a grammy for sure. And that spin button needs a trophy of some kind too. 

Theme and Concept

Concept wise - we can’t see a link between the symbols and what is going on with the slot. Yes, they are gods and the setting is clearly Olympus - but there isn’t a narrative to speak of. It could be argued that the player is the god's chosen champion; there is a gilded helmet symbol on the reels and perhaps this is intended for the hero of the game... which will hopefully be you once the jackpot has been unlocked!

The theme however has been cleverly executed; the game really does blend the greek myth style seamlessly adding popular characters and much loved figures to the paytable. We have your usual queens, kings and aces, but these have been given a not so subtle coat of gold paint. The other symbols comprise mostly of the gods with Athena paying out the maximum non-special symbol award of 1,000 coins for a five of a kind match.

We do find it odd that she is the primary high value symbol (minus the wild) when compared to big names like Zeus… but when she is paying out that many coins, who cares!

Specific Game Events

This slot has a bonus feature that rules over other, boring bonus features; the Age of the Gods bonus. If 3+ scatter symbols appear on the reels, you will activate the feature; suddenly 20 golden coins will appear on the screen. Each coin has a random god hidden beneath it; match 3 of the same god and you will start their free game feature. Pick Hades however… and your bonus round goes up in smokes. 

The bonus features are as follows:

Athena Free Games

The goddess of Wisdom will grace every spin with a divine blessing: a multiplier of x2 - x5 for the next free spin.

Zeus Free Games

The king of the gods will zap the reels with accumulating multipliers and a locked wild symbol - praise be!

Poseidon Free Games

King of the seas - his mighty trident will turn up to 5 symbols wild with every free spin.

Hercules Free Games

The mighty hero who bested the 13 challenges - Hercules takes center stage in the middle reel as a stacked wild.

In addition, there is also the jackpot game - entry to the game is totally random but you can increase your chances with higher bets. Once you enter this game, you are guaranteed to win a jackpot. A 5x4 grid of 20 coins will fall; then all you have to do is pick coins until you win one of the jackpots.

The final bonus isn’t as impressive as a progressive or 4 free spins features… but the reward is certainly handsome. Match all 5 gods on a winning payline will award a 200x winning on the line bet - for a £20 spin, that’s a profit of £3,980!

Betting Options

Budget is not an issue with Age of the Gods slots. The slot will appeal to players with a modest spending allowance and deep pockets alike. Spins start from as cheap as 20p a spin but can be as pricey as £20 per spin. For a chance to win that progressive, we strongly recommend sticking to the high bets.

Big Win Potential

Well, you won’t be owning a private island in the middle of a tropical ocean, but a jackpot win of £300k is certainly life changing! The ultimate power jackpot is the largest jackpot in this game regularly climbing into 6 figure territory. No, this game isn’t as flush as the likes of Mega Moolah, but with an RTP of 94%, this progressive has a substantially better return.

Our Verdict

Saying this game is one of the best in the high quality Playtech library is a bold statement, but it’s entirely true. From the varied bonus rounds to the excellent graphics and sound… we recommend you pledge your allegiance to the gods and hope for a lucky blessing!

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No Deposit Age of the Gods slots

Age of the Gods slots transports you to Mount Olympus for the chance to win a legendary progressive jackpot. Get started with no deposit free spins right here.

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